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Key People

Simon Poyser – Founder

Simon established VelocityRDT in 2011 having worked in a number of high-tech start-ups from Silicon Valley and across EMEA. Simon has successfully grown business and market revenues in a number of well-known enterprises including Experian, France Telecom, FICO and ILOG-IBM.


Lucy Woodruff – Director of Clients

Lucy began working for VelocityRDT in November 2014. Lucy’s background is working for various high profile companies as Cath Kidston & MTV UK & Ireland. She was brought on board to work alongside Simon to grow the relationships with the clients of VelocityRDT and to launch our conference & events branch, RDT-EXPO.


Sandra DeCastro

Digital Marketing, focused on communication online through social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn websites on different electronic devises just as personal computers, smartphones and tablets.

Health Communication such as communicating promotional health information in public heath campaigns, especially concerning the sale of birth control pills in Africa. I worked to work for La Foundation Coeur et Artères, which is a French company based in Lille, which aims to fight against cardiovascular diseases and their risk factors.

Information and Communication technologies, focused on audiovisual, multimedia and internet techniques in order to communicate information to internet users, to access to information sources, to produce and transmit information in different forms such as text, image and video. I made several videos as part of a crowdfunding campaign for Tri-D which is a French social company in consulting and 3D printing design that goes to social projects Service.