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Our Clients

What Our Clients are Saying

AI Lab's mission is to conduct cutting-edge, long-term research and education in artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems, computational intelligence, web mining, semantic web and related topics. Our research addresses fundamental problems in designing more capable AI systems and controlling them to interact intelligently with people, the environment and each other.

 We work very closely with VelocityRDT on bringing to market innovative smart sensor based intelligent lighting technology. Our work with the team has been excellent and this has resulted in a number of household names becoming enterprise clients. This enables us to jointly grow market share in this new and exciting growth market of smart and efficient buildings.

Markus Schatten

Company Name: Lighten Devs
Designation: CTO
Intrinsicly innovate interdependent partnerships with cross-unit opportunities. Progressively extend diverse innovation before team driven process improvements. Objectively whiteboard client-centered metrics for intuitive resources. Dynamically repurpose.

Ian Crockford

Company Name: Data Techniques
Designation: CEO

VelocityRDT Client Priority Center